To meet the requirements of this new growing market that is « outsourcing » or « facility management » that FM Buildings was created.

FM Buildings has an established track record that speaks well of its ability to deliver on its promises. It is staffed by experienced professionals who have an intimate knowledge of the regulatory requirements as well as how best to meet your needs.


FM Buildings is able to customise facilities management services according to your industry and your unique business operation. We manage your facilities efficiently, professionally and safely, thus allowing you to focus on your core business.

While we care for your facilities, we care even more about what your overall operational business needs. We take your interests and feedbacks seriously and work towards meeting your satisfaction without compromising safety and security.

Our promises to you

We understand

We come with a wealth of experience and expertise in our industry. We make sure our model of facilities management takes into account the industry you are in and your unique business operation. We customise the range of services we provide for each client.

We value-add

We manage your facilities with a view to lower your facility operating expenditure, so that you can re-direct your manpower to focus on your core business and attain your financial and corporate goals. We manage and advice you how best to achieve efficiency without compromising safety and security.

We collaborate

We appreciate and value feedbacks. We believe there is always room for improvement and growth. We see our client as part of the bigger « family » and take the interests of occupiers, property owners and investors to heart.

Our environmental commitment

FM Buildings is committed to provide value when engaging its clients. We undertake to actively offer care and protection to our stakeholders and to safeguard the environment, while increasing value for shareholders.

We will relentlessly pursue zero harm policy to our employees and the communities where we operate. Our goal is to achieve zero injury on humans wih a commitment not to infringe, wittingly or otherwise, on the environment.

We pledge to constantly improve the effectiveness of our QEHS Management System.